Study In Albania

Reasons to Study Abroad in Albania

Albania follows the European standards and draws many international pupils. Albania is known for its hospitality and friendliness.

Quality Education

Albania offers a high quality education. There are both public and private higher education institutions in Albania offering a wide range of academic programmes at all levels of higher education-undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate. Also, research is carried out at universities and academies in Albania. The qualifications obtained in Albania are recognised around the world.

Rich Culture

Albania has a rich and diverse culture. International students can learn the Albanian culture first-hand. You get to experience a new way of life.

Safe and Affordable Place to Study

Albania is safe, welcoming and affordable study destination. The cost of living and study in Albania is low.

Learn New Language

Albanian is the official language of Albania. If you plan to study in Albania, you get an opportunity to learn the language of the country. Learning of foreign language gives a boost to your career.

Online study

Albania offers online teaching and learning for all those interested in learning the Albanian language and also other foreign languages such as English, Italian, German and other different online courses and trainings. The most distinguished of all is “Training and Education Institute” (check it here: