Welcome to our beautiful country, the Land of Eagles.

Albania is an attractive tourist destination thanks to its rich cultural and historical treasures. It is located in a very important section of the Balkan Peninsula, facing ancient Rome and en route to Byzantium and the “capital of the world” at that time, Istanbul. Therefore, many conquerors have passed through the region, leaving traces of their culture, still visible today, including the Hellens, Romans, Byzantines, Ottomans, Venetians and modern Italians.

Fans of archaeology will surely marvel at the mystic atmosphere of castles, churches, mosques, monasteries, old bridges, monuments and ruins of mighty civilizations.

Albania’s living connection to its rich cultural heritage is also complemented by its commitment to keep in pace with a highly vibrant and contemporary life, echoing its spirituality and presence in the European cultural environment.




Official name: Republic of Albania
Local short name: Shqipëri/Shipëria/Shqiperi
Capital: Tirana/Tiranë/Tirane
Location: Southeastern & Southern Europe
Demonym: Shqiptar
Population: 3,047,987 (2017 est.)
Age Structure: 0-14 years:     18.05%  (Males: 290.572/ Females: 259.544)
15-24 years:    17.47% (Males: 275.969/ Females: 256.416)

23-54 years:   41.06% (Males: 597.421/ Females: 653.965)

55-64 years:   11.54%   (Males: 173.105/  Females: 178.575)

65 years and over: 11.89 % (Males: 169.681/  Females: 192.739)
Median Age: 32,9 years (Male: 31,6 years/Female: 34,4 years) 2017 est.
Density: 159/km2 or  412/sq mi (estimation)
Life Expectancy: 78,5 years
Government: Parliamentary Republic
Independence Day: 28 November 1912 (from the Ottoman Empire)
Area: 28 748 km2
Currency: LEK(ALL)/Euro
GDP per capita: 4, 146.90 $  (#tradingeconomies 2018 est.)
Language: Official: Albanian 98,8%, Greek 0.5%. Other 0.6%: Macedonian, Romani, Vlach, Turkish, Italian and Serbo-Croation. Unspecified 0,1%  (2011 est.)
Religion: Muslim, Roman Catholic, Orthodox, atheist, Bektashi (Sufi order), Protestant, Jewish, etc.
Time zone: UTC +1
Literacy rate: Males: 98, 4%
Females: 96,9%