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Albania Ranks among the Most Affordable Ski Destinations in Europe

Albania Ranks among the Most Affordable Ski Destinations in Europe

A handful of ski resorts, mostly located in Korca area, opened their slopes and are ready to welcome visitors. The slopes of Bigell in Dardha, Voskopoja, and Boga are among the best for skiing in Albania. Although these resorts are not like those in other European countries, local businesses invest a lot in this type of tourism.

The most famous, and perhaps most beautiful, a hiking trail in Albania is the one from Valbona to Theth, through the Accursed Mountains. It is a not-to-be-missed chance to admire one of the most spectacular landscapes of the Balkan Peninsula and to experience the beauty of the Albanian Alps. The hike, called Peaks of the Balkans, because it also crosses over into the neighboring countries of Kosovo and Montenegro, follows an old mule track, is almost 20 km long, and can be completed in one day because it takes a total of eight hours with several stops to enjoy the views and take pictures. Both Valbona and Theth have been declared national parks of Albania and are two of the most beautiful areas of the country.

Albania ties together nicely it’s rustic yet ancient culture with the bordering spread of land, dotted shrubbery across valleys of soft slopes and ridges. Coasting the Adriatic Sea, fish are scattered right until the lip of the coastline, ideal conditions for an easy-going trip classified by the provincial simplicity of sitting on a crooked chair, lounging on the surprisingly warm beach with your line cast right ahead of you.

Although basic, the charm lies precisely in this characteristic landing you with multiple small fish within minutes. For those seeking higher intensity, further inland in the Valbona region are rivers packed with graylings and huchens, but the most impressive angling comes from Lake Skadarsko.

The lake brings it reputation from its greatness titled the largest lake in the Balkan Peninsula. Its deep waters concealing schools of carp and bleak, forming dark moving shadows. Albania will welcome you warmly with clear cut cast and baiting with excellent results.

Sports in Albania revolves mostly around team sports, such as football,basketballvolleyball and handball. Other sports includes boxingweightlifting,tennisswimmingjudokarateathleticstable tennis, and chess.

Football is the most popular sport in Albania, both as a participatory and spectator level. The Albanian league is split into 4 divisions. The Albanian Superliga was formed in 1930. In 1998 it took its current name and is the highest level of Albanian Football. It currently comprises 12 teams. The Superliga displaced the First Division as the top division, and this is now Albanian Football’s second tier. Below this is Second Division which is divided geographically into A & B.

In the 90’s a special development was seen in Albanian tennis thanks to the exchange of experience with Italian coaches ( especially Mr. Santilli, who came twice in Albania ). Another important activity was the partecipation of many Albanian teams in European and world competitions.  In 1999 an important championship was held : The National Championships under 12, for the first time in Albania.

The winners of the league are entitled to compete in the UEFA Champions League at the First qualifying round stage. The runners-up are entitled to compete in the UEFA Europa League, also at the First qualifying round stage. KF Tirana hold the record for Albanian league titles, with 24.

Taiwan Center is the most known place for Bowling in Tirana.  For all of you, who are passionate about this discipline renovated and brand new bowling tracks are available.

In years, different private companies, have organized bowling championships for the only reason to reinforce the team spirit with your co-workers.