Many bars and clubs that you will enjoy are present in Trana and other cities around Albania.

The main party days in the region which tend to always be full and busy are Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Additionally, you may find different genres of music such as, house, hip hop, jazz, rock, and more in various bars, pubs, parties, and clubs in Tirana which chiefly last until the morning.

As far as dressing, no official dress code is mandatory. The local partiers typically wear casual clothing such as jeans and shirt or semi casual pants with a blouse.

Night Life in Tirana

Hemingway Tirana

Night Life in Durres

Studio Cultural Bar
Cinco Cavalli Summer Club
Fly Bar & Wine
Cinco Zone
Cinco Cavalli Summer Club Vip Zone
Bar Viale
Shine Club Shkozet

Night Life in Vlore
Studio 54 vlore
Rendez Vous Club
one-million club-life
4 Elements Night Club Vlorë
Show Palace Night Club Vlore
Summer Depo
Night Life in Sarande
Jericho Cocktail Bar
Difi Live Music
View bar terrace
Terrace Cocktail Bar