Museums In Albania

National Museum of History, Tirana

Durrës Archaeological Museum

Skanderbeg Museum in Krujë

Berat Ethnographic Museum

Gjirokastër Ethnographic Museum

History Museum in Shkodër

Museum of Medieval Art in Korçë

This is a list of museums in Albania. Most museums in the country are closed on Mondays.

Archaeological museums

  • National Museum of Archaeology
  • Archaeological Museum of Durrës
  • Archaeological Museum of Butrint
  • Archaeological Museum of Apolonia
  • Archaeological Museum of Korçë

Ethnographic museums

  • Ethnographic Museum of Berat
  • Museum of Traditional Culture (Durrës)
  • Museum of Rozafa Castle
  • Ethnographic Museum of Krujë
  • Ethnographic Museum of Elbasan
  • Ethnographic Museum of Vlorë
  • Ethnographic Museum of Gjirokastër
  • Ethnographic Museum of Kavajë

History museums

  • National Museum of History
  • Skanderbeg Museum (Krujë)
  • Congress of Lushnjë Museum
  • Mësonjëtorja
  • History Museum of Shkodër
  • History Musem of Lushnjë
  • Museum of Skanderbeg’s Grave (Lezhë)
  • Museum of Independence
  • Museum of Weaponry
  • History Museum of Mat
  • History Museum of Dibër

Art museums

  • National Art Gallery
  • National Museum of Photography
  • National Museum of Medieval Art
  • Bratko Museum
  • Onufri Museum of Icons
  • Vangjush Mio Museum

Science museums

  • Museum of Natural Sciences