The main city of Albania is Tirana which is the capital the administrative center of the country, as well. Tirana is well known for its very modern lifestyle, and a lot of people around the globe live and work in Tirana. Tirana is also known for great nightlife, so if you are a party animal, drop by any club in Tirana and enjoy yourselves.

Other main cities include: Durres, Fier, Elbasan, Vlora, Shkoder and Korca. These cities carry a background of historical heritage and are mostly visited by tourists who love to hear stories of previous events in the Balkans, and especially Albania’s transition from a political system to another, in the road to independence.

Main touristic attractions of Albania are located in the North and Southwest of Albania such as the Valbona Valley in Tropoja, Voskopja Monasteries, and Zverneci Monastery, Berati and its old part of the town known as the city of  a thousand and one windows, and Gjirokaster with its beautiful castle, Vjosa river, Lake Ohrid, our magnificent coast line and other historical and religious monuments. Butrinti is considered one of the pearls of ancient history.