Internet and Phone

Albanian’s Internet connectivity is among the best in the world. It has a nationwide broadband wireless backbone, which allows businesses and individuals to obtain high-speed, reliable, Internet connections at prices at or below those available in Western Europe and the United States. Internet cafés abound in the cities, making it easy for individuals, including those of modest means, to maintain regular access to email and Web pages.

Most Albanian businesses and non-profits of any size have web pages, but little has been done so far to establish e-commerce and other forms of Internet inter mediation and software services in Albania.

The majority of Albanians rely on cell phones rather than landline telephones. The fixed telephone system has been upgraded since the war and is reliable. Cell phone service is available from competing providers at prices competitive with that available elsewhere in Europe. The three main mobile phone companies in Albania are: Vodafone; Telekom, and Plus. For more information about prices of these services visit:


Shekulli is the biggest newspaper. Other newspapers include; Shqip, Koha Jone, Panorama, Sport Ekspres, Shqiptarja.


Radio Televizioni Shqiptar (RTHS) is a national public channel broadcasting in Albanian language.

Top Channer, Klan TV, Ora News, Vizion +, are some other national tv channels that are operating in Albania.

DigitAlb and Tring are the biggest two cable platforms.


Radio Tirana is a public station run by RTSH. Some of other radio stations include; Top Albania, Club Fm, Radio 7, etc.