Visit Albania

Visit Albania
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Visiting Albania

I have often had trouble finding myself a great place to visit.  However, I knew I wanted to visit a country in the Balkans. I had lived in Northern Carolina for so long, visited a myriad of places, but nothing had grasped me quite like Europe- and I still have not visited some regions there.

While surfing on the internet, when searching Visit the Balkans, numerous people suggested I visit this European Gem called Albania. With beautiful coastline, great nature composition, proclaimed friendly people and amazing traditional food was all a tourist could ask for. So, I decided to give it a shot.

I had 4 days to spend there, but I can easily say those were the days I still remember. My hippie look, my alpine backpack and my pale skin took me places. Bars, Clubs, and the beaches during the day were a marvelous experience. Food was exceptional, and the people “OH MY GOSH, THE PEOPLE WERE FRIENDLY AF”.

Hence, if you have any plans on what to visit in the Balkans- I highly suggest to visit Albania.